About Me

Hi, I'm Ola. 

In 2014 I escaped my stressful 9-5 life in London and travelled the world to learn more about myself and define my dreams and ambitions.

Stepping away from daily routines, going on adventures and navigating through unexpected situations helped me grow in confidence and conquer my anxieties. I returned to London a year later, bubbling with hope and ready for new beginnings.​

But starting again was not easy. Financial pressure and a lack of direction saw me slipping back into unhealthy routines. Anxiety manifested, and after a few years, I developed a rare form of chronic migraine, which forced me to slow down and focus on recovery.  My symptoms were complicated, and the diagnosis was slow.  I'd never felt so helpless or alone, and it became apparent that the only person who could do anything about the situation was ME. So I got to work. 
I learned that life was not defined by circumstance and took a holistic approach to my health. I practised gratitude and focused on being kind to myself. I found adventure in smaller spaces and discovered communities that inspired me to get outside and follow my passions.
Spending time outdoors helped me connect with what was around me and shift my focus from escape to embrace. 

Powered by a love for nature and photography, I'm creating a life in which adventure takes centre stage. Through sharing my experience of anxiety and depression, I want to promote the positive effects of adventure on mental health and show how simple acts, such as going outside, learning and creating, can lead to BIG life changes. 

I've travelled extensively and planned several big adventures. As well as providing travel and adventure advice, I've pulled together some fantastic resources from the communities that helped me rediscover my love of the outdoors.

​With the right tools and the right people, you can find the motivation to live an abundant and joyful life.


My adventures have temporarily taken me to New Zealand, where my husband and I have bought a bus that we're converting into a tiny home.


I'm currently retraining as a life coach and transformation guide and working on this website intermittently. With an expedition to Africa and India on hold and life effectively thrown into the air due to COVID, I'm playing catch up and replacing a lot of the old with some new.


Watch this space!


In the meantime, you can me follow on Facebook and Instagram: @ola.adventures and If you'd like advice on any of the countries I've visited or need help planning your adventures, please drop me a message. I'd be delighted to help x