Adventure Advice


Hanging off a cliff face or sailing the Atlantic isn't everyone’s cup of tea, let's face it.

The truth is, adventure can be as simple as taking yourself somewhere new or local – a park, a river, a woodland, a beach, then sitting down with a well-earned scoop of fish and chips and watching the sunset on the horizon.

A lack of money, time, and inspiration are common things that prevent people from going on an adventure.  Sometimes the need for adventure stems from a need for change. We might be going through a difficult time in life; experiencing illness, loss, a sense of failure, and looking for a way to make life better. 

So, whether you’re looking to take on a big challenge or need inspiration to shake life up a little, this page is for you! Below you'll find a series of guides and resources designed to help you live life adventurously, no matter what your situation, interest or goal.


Adventure Ideas, Inspiration and Logistics

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  • How challenges make travel more fun

  • The ultimate packing list for all-season travel​​

  • Top tips for sustainable, eco-friendly travel

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Small Adventure Inspiration

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  • 20 free adventure ideas

  • 100 adventure ideas on your doorstep​

  • How small adventures can support your physical and mental health

  • 5 reasons why everyone should connect with the natural environment more


Here are highlights from some of my most memorable adventures. From buying a bike and cycling down the Thames Path and jumping in the river, to hiking Mt Fitzroy in Patagonia with a bottle of Malbec.

For highlights and travel tips for places I've visited in the world, go to my Countries page.

More content coming soon, including:

  • 10 things I learned from travelling the world

  • Top 10 hikes, adventures and mishaps across the globe.

  • Why I've decided to fundraise and campaign


In 2018 I was diagnosed with chronic migraine. I suffered months of debilitating symptoms which triggered anxiety and early stages of depression. Lost and in need of some inspiration to live my life better, I came across a network of people who encouraged and inspired me to get outdoors and follow my passions.

By becoming part of these supportive communities, I didn't feel so alone anymore, and no longer felt like my condition defined me. If anything, my condition became my driving force to live my life better and go on adventures.

I learned that it is important to be kind to yourself and to take the time and space to heal. The ability we humans have to bounce back and stand tall in the face of adversity is phenomenal.

We each of us have superpowers. Here are some tips I picked up on my journey that helped me to find my own.

More content coming soon, including advice on mindfulness, exercise, diet and routines.

In the meantime, here are some talks I found inspiring:

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