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Let each situation be what it is

The longest I had ever travelled for in adult life was 3 weeks. I'm almost 5 weeks in to a 9 month trip and I'm feeling tired, anxious and in need of a break. I need a holiday! Cuba threw me a bit. It was an intense place to start a long independent trip and moving onto Mexico I wanted everything to be perfect.

Arriving in Mexico

What do you mean it's Winter? November/December is an ideal time to come to Mexico - according to the guide books...

Flying in over Cancun was miserable. Dark grey, storm filled clouds hung heavy over the landscape. We landed with the rain hammering down showing no promise of subsiding. We had 3 days to explore this incredible coastline and the prospect of doing it in the pouring rain filled me with dread. My 'perfect' vision was shattered.

When we arrived at our hostel I sat cross legged on the bed, chewing at my fingernails, anxiously scrolling through my phone's weather app - informing me that the next week's weather was going to be completely hideous. F#@k!

Weather however is unpredictable. The mornings turned out to be glorious and it was only in the afternoons and evenings that it rained.

The hostel owners told us about the giant sea turtles of Akumal: "You have to go see the turtles while you're here. We'll give you guys some snorkels and you can just jump in a collectivo for $30 pesos. Go any time of day and you're guaranteed to see them. You don't need to go far - just 10 metres in and you'll see them."

I didn't even know there were sea turtles nearby - the guide books didn't say anything about them. We woke up early and the sun came out. By 8:00 am we were in the water swimming with these magnificent creatures, barely a few metres beneath us, swimming next to us whenever they needed to come up for air.

This sign was up in our hostel:

Damn right, I thought! Time to let go and just let life be - but it's hard. I'm still trying. I think I'll get there soon. I never realised how much I needed to control my environment. In the job I'd left I was responsible for planning large scale events for 10,000 +, with just a small team of 4. In charge of logistics, I had to factor in plan Bs, Cs and Ds to mitigate failing plan As. Control had ingrained itself into my psyche and it was hard to shake.

My sister, Zosia, told me:

"We live in a society that makes us think there's a perfect version of life just within our grasp - we have to be alert to it, spend money chasing it, keep aspiring for more and more and more. The truth is, life is about the unexpected moments, and the people we share them with."

Travelling is helping me to let go and embrace and value the unexpected.

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