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Mexico Buses, Air Conditioning, Pants and the Law

Have you ever travelled across Mexico by bus? I tell you, it's an experience. Mexico's superb ADO buses come complete with television screens and snacks, and did I mention air conditioning?

I've had some pretty interesting encounters during my time on the road and learned some valuable lessons, including remaining calm in stressful situations and taking layers!

Nothing prepared me for the gale-force winds that were about to unleash on my face for the next 10 hours via the air conditioning unit above me on the bus. I somehow managed to slip in and out of consciousness for a few hours until my mind became completely preoccupied with thoughts of how I could stop the air from getting to my face. I tried shifting my body to the side but the air blew into my ear. My hair was flapping in front of my face for god's sake, this was just impossible - and yet everyone around me was sleeping through it - even Seamus! How!?

If only I could block the air from blasting into my face. My thoughts turned to the contents of my day pack. I knew that I had no clothes in there - just my bikini which I had packed last minute as it had been drying all day at the hostel. Wait a minute...

I reached into my bag and pulled out the bikini bottoms. Should I? I looked around me, everyone fast asleep. Sod it, I thought! I unfastened the ties to the pants so that they stretched out as one piece of material - my ass it turns out, is just about the same size as my head. Bloody genius! Proud of myself for my Blue Peter, do-it-yourself windshield, I put my pants on my face and tied the ends together around my ears. I breathed extra hard to get the warmth circulating around my face and drifted off into a deep sleep.

My first brush with the law

All of a sudden I stirred, conscious of movement around me. As I lifted myself out of my sleepy state I felt a little tap on my shoulder. I fiddled with the ties around my ears and was acutely aware of someone trying to communicate with me whilst I had pants fastened to my face. I gave up on the knots I had created and managed to pull the pants to one side of my head and found myself looking at a bewildered Mexican guard with a machine gun hanging off his arm. He asked to see my passport. Seamus was now looking at me, confused as to why I had my bikini half wrapped around my head. As the policeman walked away I explained to Seamus and he burst out laughing. Needless to say, as the bus continued on its way, the pants made a comeback.

I now travel with a scarf and extra layers.

Check out my highlights and travel tips for everywhere I travelled to in Mexico and the world.


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