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The Best Adventurers, Explorers and Communities Who Inspire Adventurous Living

Life can seem like a constant battle against the clock, and many of us are getting lost between making time for ourselves, our work and our families. It's no wonder people are starting to leave their 9-to-5 jobs searching for a greater purpose and work-life balance.

During the Pandemic, people took the opportunity to retrain and create businesses out of side hustles, finding ways to live with greater autonomy, freedom and flexibility. But not everyone has had the means or inclination to do anything other than survive these last few years. Stepping outside that perfectly packaged 9-5 structure can be daunting and challenging.

While the 9-5 lifestyle is perfectly comfortable for some, it's not for everyone, and getting on the trailblazing hyper-productivity bandwagon can be equally as daunting.

So how can we slowly begin to unwind and untangle ourselves, creating more room for flexibility, freedom, and growth at a pace and in an environment that suits us? We know we need change, and we want to redesign our lives for the better, but how can we facilitate that in small, meaningful ways?

Who can guide, inspire, and encourage us into a world that feels more open, allowing us to connect, explore and thrive?


Adventurer, motivational speaker, Anna McNuff
Adventurer and motivational speaker, Anna McNuff

Through adventurers (and adventuring), I've learned that forging my own path and not ticking all the boxes - although difficult - is brave and something to be celebrated.

Yes, we fall, we fail, we struggle, and we react to the expectations of those around us. We can feel flawed. But society's one size fits all plan is not for everyone. We all have different rhythms and are led by different values, and it's only fair that we live according to those values.

In 2015 I exchanged my 9-5 life and job status for greater freedom and flexibility. But sometimes (especially when things go wrong), I see people living their secure, conventional lives, and my inner voice yells, 'you're doing it all wrong!' I'm proud of many of my choices, but sometimes I doubt myself.

When that happens, I turn to the adventure community for support, encouragement and inspiration. Many adventurers have created accessible spaces and communities that help others tap into their potential, follow their passions, connect and live adventurously.

And when we live a little more adventurously, exciting things start to happen, and unexpected doors open.


The Yes Tribe

Founded by adventurer Dave Cornthwaite, The Yes Tribe is a global community with regional tribes dedicated to creating events and spaces that bring people together to learn, encourage, share stories and find adventure in everyday life.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with Chronic Migraine. I was on the hunt for positive and inspiring ways to lift me out of a very rapid physical and mental decline, and that's when I came across The Yes Tribe.

I attended local tribe days (which basically involved hanging out with good people outdoors and chatting by the fire), story-telling events and festivals. Not only did I meet like-minded people, but I made new friends.

Being part of The Tribe encouraged me to take up new hobbies, such as cycling, bushcraft, foraging and hiking. I'm now working on a portfolio of careers (not just one), including expedition leading, bushcraft and survival skills, photography, writing and life coaching. I never considered adventure as being so accessible or life-changing!

Join the Yes Tribe on Facebook, where you can search for events and details of regional and global tribes near you. The Yes Tribe creates countless opportunities to meet outdoors and make real connections (for free, I hasten to add).

Big Sky Hideaway

The Yes Tribe team, Dave and Emma Cornthwaite have created a community-driven haven in central Lincolnshire, offering glamping, camping, alpacas, and fireside events. Welcome to The Big Sky Hideaway:

A double-decker bus, famously known as The Yes Bus, is the Tribe's former countryside base camp in West Sussex. It has now relocated to Big Sky, and profits from the bus help the Yes Tribe to continue to host free events bringing people together around the UK.

Expect workshops, skill sessions, co-working days, retreats, outdoorsy weekends and summer camps.


Yestival is a weekend of talks, workshops, inspirational lectures, discussions and campfires at night. It's a celebration of ideas with an emphasis on discovery and inspiration, designed to set you on a new path and recharge and ignite seeds of positivity.

Wake Up Wild

Wake Up Wild is a great initiative launched in 2019 to celebrate The Yes Tribe's 4th birthday. With wild camps hosted all over the country, the aim was to encourage people outside to spend a night under the stars and raise £6000 for Tree Aid.

Love Her Wild - Women's Adventure Community

Noticing a lack of women in the outdoors, blogger, speaker, conservationist and adventurer, Bex Band launched Love Her Wild – the UK's largest women's adventure movement.

Love Her Wild connects women locally (in the UK) and organises expeditions all over the world. The community is an excellent source of inspiration for female adventurers. Here are some examples of Love Her Wild expeditions you can get involved in:

  • Wild Lakes of Snowdonia

  • Plastic Island Sailing Expedition in Scotland

  • Hebridean Backpacking Adventure

  • Whale Shark Expedition in Mafia Island, including data collection to support research, beach cleans, workshops and yoga.

  • Desert Elephants of Namibia

  • Love Her Wild Weekend North

  • Love Her Wild Weekend South

Explorers Connect

Explorers Connect is a Bristol-based not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to helping people live more adventurously. They offer micro-expeditions, treks, courses, talks and have an industry jobs board. They're a great option if you have some spare cash and want to take adventuring to the next level. You can book adventure courses or test your survival skills on tailor-made expeditions.

Connect with them on Facebook and check out their website for inspiration.


Dave Cornthwaite

YES MAN, Dave Cornthwaite is the founder of The Yes Tribe and an all-round ultimate adventurer, writer, motivational speaker and community leader. Dave aims to raise 1 Million pounds for good causes through a series of epic expeditions, collectively known as #Expedition1000

Dave’s mission is to undertake 25 journeys using different forms of non-motorised transport. Each adventure is a minimum of 1000 miles long, meaning when completed, Dave will have travelled further than the earth's circumference.

During the 2020 lockdown, Dave shared stories about each of these 1000 mile adventures from his lock-down base at The Yes Bus. Each video is available to view on Dave's Facebook page, under 'videos'. It makes for very entertaining and inspirational viewing!

Bex Band

Blogger, speaker, conservationist and adventurer, Bex Band has been recognised as one of the UK’s ‘top 30 inspirational entrepreneurs’ and has been awarded Legacy Maker on the San Miguel alternative rich list.

Bex is also the founder of the UK's largest women's adventure community, Love Her Wild.

Her adventures include hiking 1000 km the length of Israel, kayaking the width of the UK against plastic pollution and kick-scooting the length of the USA. Legend!

For all sorts of adventure advice and inspiration, head to her website and keep your eyes peeled for her forthcoming novel: Three Stripes South: The 1000km trek that inspired the Love Her Wild women's adventure movement.

If I ever need advice or inspiration about travel planning, conservation and sustainability, or ANYTHING adventure related, Bex is my go-to person.

Alastair Humphreys

Alastair Humphreys is an English adventurer, author and motivational speaker.

Over four years, Alastair cycled 46,000 miles around the world and was declared National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2012. He is responsible for the rise of the idea of The Microadventure – short, local, accessible adventures. His newsletter contains little nuggets of wisdom and ideas that will get you outside and living adventurously in no time.

Anna McNuff

Anna McNuff is just a ray of bloody sunshine!

A self-proclaimed 'mischief-maker', adventurer, motivational speaker, influencer and best-selling author all rolled into one. Named by Condé Nast Traveller as one of the 50 most influential travellers of our time and The Guardian as one of the top modern female adventurers. Anna is also UK Ambassador for Girl Guiding and the co-founder of Adventure Queens, another fast-growing women’s adventure community.

For her latest challenge, Anna ran 2,352 miles barefoot across Britain. That's the equivalent of 90 marathons!

Chaz Powell

Explorer, Expedition Leader and Survival Guide, Chaz Powell, has walked the length of Africa's wildest rivers, raising awareness for local wildlife conservation.

I first heard Chaz talk about his long-term project, 'The Wildest Journey,' at a Yes Tribe event. I've never heard anyone speak so candidly and calmly about survival. He's a delight to listen to, and his jaw-dropping tales of survival and escape will leave you hungry for more.

If high-octane adventures and wild journeys are your thing, give Chaz a follow on Instagram and read more at The Wildest Journey.

Chaz runs training expeditions in the UK to equip people with essential survival skills, knowledge and confidence to embark on their own adventures. Skills covered include navigation, wild camping, shelter building, fire-making, cooking, environmental and cultural awareness, river crossings and escape!

He is currently based in his new, sustainable off-grid home, Wild Bear Croft & Eco Cabins, in the remote Scottish Highlands.

Jen George

Jen is an expedition leader and Yes Tribe Ambassador who, in 2019, took on 365 days of adventure challenges. Her adventures have inspired me to hop on a return coach to Paris for £16 and take on my own 'Adventure A Day' challenge!

Follow Jen's adventures on Instagram @jen_george_adventures

Tim Moss

Adventure, mountaineering and cycling enthusiast Tim Moss is someone I came across when searching for mini-adventure inspiration.

Tim champions accessible, everyday adventuring, and one of his stand-out challenges is his £100 Adventure; a week-long hitch-hike on a £100 budget.

Tim offers free expedition resources via his website, The Next Challenge, and an annual expedition grant. Check out his adventure portfolio here and get inspired!


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